Faberware Fdw05asbwha Dishwasher

Many of us just despise standing on the sink and washing dishes. Right? Faberware fdw05asbwha dishwasher is a portable, countertop dishwasher that only needs your electricity, little water and 29 minutes to give you your desired result i.e. perfectly clean dishes. Whether you are in your kitchen or outside; camping and enjoying, it would incredibly assist you. It has six different wash cycles that care for you like a family. It can steam-clean baby bottles and also gives a sparkling shine to your glassware.

Trump Cards of Faberware Fdw05asbwha Dishwasher


Liquid, powdered, or tablet detergents; all are acceptable and works effectively in this Dishwasher.


When the correct water level is reached the automatic water indicator will inform you.

Digital Control

LED digital control aids in viewing a clear picture of what is happening.

Air Exchange Function

The air exchange function assists to improve drying performance and avoids any strange smell from coming out of the Dishwasher.

Fruit Basket

Now, you can also perfectly clean your favorite nutritious fruits and vegetables with the assistance of the fruit basket that is included in the new faberware fdw05asbwha dishwasher.

Time Saver

It takes only forty minutes to clean and dry the dishes completely.


Now, you can also sanitize your dishes especially the baby bottles through the steam produced during Baby Care Cleaning Cycle.

Five Wash Program

It has five wash program

  • Normal
  • Rapid
  • Fruits
  • Baby Care
  • Glass

Water Hose

Water Hose is included for direct hookup to the faucet.


It is portable and compact and hence ideal for small-sized spaces i.e. campers, small apartments and houses, etc. It can also fit a variety of dishes in it.

Factory Tested

All dishwashers are factory tested. That’s the reason, you may find water residue in the dishwasher.

Drawbacks of Faberware Fdw05asbwha Dishwasher

  • Durability
  • Its durability is average.
  • Warranty

Some people have had issues with their warranty not being processed.

Small Size

It is small in size and can wash only a small number of plates. Hence it is not recommended for small families.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

It does not have a rinse aid dispenser and according to the manual, it is clearly mentioned that we cannot use them.

Drying Issues

Sometimes, not all the cutlery got dried up completely, few water residues are left.

Conclusion On The New Faberware Fdw05asbwha Dishwasher

Although it’s small and cannot hold many dishes, however, if we inspect its price then it’s a good option to buy the product. It is not for heavy loads but it can efficiently clean the small number of dishes that are filed inside. Most of the reviews on faberware fdw05asbwha dishwasher at Amazon are positive. It is rated five stars by most of the users. Fruit basket and build in the tank are some plus points. It’s totally up to you, your priorities and budget that whether you want to go for this appliance or not. Be fully aware of your needs while looking for a product.


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