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Best Selling Cold Press Juicer

Despite of spending a lot of money on useless products, press juicer is best option for making juices. It makes your life more easy and simple.

Juice is not about easy intake of fruits but it increase quantity of minerals and vitamins that are easy to digest and increase body energy. Cold press juicer extracts juice completely from fruits and make it more delicious and healthy.

There are two types of basic juicers cold press juicer and centrifugal juicer. Cold press juicer is far better than centrifugal because it extracts fruits and veggies without using heat. It does not work like a traditional juicer in which heat burns essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for health.

Alcock slow masticating juicer

2,093 Reviews
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This is one of the most amazing juicer in the world. It is designed with new advance technology as it revolves on eighty revolution per minute. It works slowly to extracts vitamins and nutrients from fruits. It keeps minerals away from burning and heat so you can enjoy natural juice without addition of artificial extracts. It consist of seven individual components and each component works individually to extract pulp not only from fruits but from vegetables as well. It is best for kitchen as it is noise free so you can easily adjust it for daily use.


Omega commercial mesticating cold press juicer

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$320 $288.70
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This juicer is not only limited for making simple juices. It serves multipurpose as you can make baby food, celery juice, citrus juice, leafy greens juice, nut milk, wheatgrass juice and many more. It creates juice without extra additions and extractions. It makes healthy pulp that increase immune system.

It is a complete package. It consist of different parts that can be used for different purposes. You can grind coffee in it as well as it can convert nuts into butter like thick paste. It works in slow process that increase quantity of nutrients in any pulp or juice.


Breville juice fountain elite cold press juicer

3,387 Reviews
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It is heavier and efficient juicer machine than any other typical juicer. It consist of more strong motor that revolves on 13000 revolution per minute to extract twenty to thirty percent more juice than any other machine.

You can take it as mini version of market based juicer machines. It consist of in build filters that purify juice to make it more silky and smooth.

It has large space so it saves time and give best results. It has versatile juicing and purification system. There is no need to add portions of fruits and veggies you can add full quantity so it helps to give you faster results without wasting time on cutting and managing. It is one of the most widely used cold press juicer so it should be added in kitchen appliances.


Hamilton Beach 1 speed juicer

1,093 Reviews
$69.99 $59.85
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It is not easy to buy expensive products so you can buy Hamilton Beach juicer that is affordable for kitchen. It is easy to use. It gives fresh juices just in seconds. It is easy to clean. It consist of strong motor that gives faster results. It contains large intake so you can put whole fruits there is no need to entangle in cutting before making juices. It consists of different parts that can be disjoined. It is easy and simple to clean all the pieces as well as they can be accommodated easily.

Hamilton juicer is one of the best kitchen appliance that fits into total cooking atmosphere. It makes juicing easy and healthy life style.


Hurom HZ slow cold press juicer

40 Reviews
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Hurom juicers are available in most attractive sleek designs. It can be used to make delicious juices and ice creams as it prevents oxidation of fruits. It prevents fruits from break down and maintains original nutrients values. It is made up of stainless steel that is anti-bacterial. It consist of LED indicators that shows setting of machines that how it will work with different settings. It revolves slowly so extracts whole juice from fruits without wasting essential nutrients. It comes up with an automatic system to control amount of pulp in juices. It consist of inner fit brushes to clean extra pulp that creates hindrance in juice making. Hurom juice makers do not compromise on quality. Hurom juice makers are famous worldwide for their durable quality so these are best option as kitchen appliance.

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