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The best digital kitchen timer for perfectly cooked food in time

A very essential tool for the kitchen is a kitchen timer. It is just as important as cooking rage, pots and pans. Just like ovens have a timer which is set for a particular time and when the time comes it buzzes in order to inform that the food item present in the oven is baked. Just like this kitchen timers are used for cooking. Kitchen timers are different from all the other basic timers because of their advanced features. They are very precise and accurate. They help in cooking a perfect meal which is not over cooked and either undercooked. It helps in cooking vegetables and almost everything in a very perfect way.

When buying a cooking kitchen timer, you should know about the product and that it is suitable for you and your kitchen. You should see that it is for cooking a big variety of foods and not just a few of them and that the food cooked by using it is exactly the one you want.

Some of the most used and best viewed kitchen timers are following

  • Taylor precision product four-event kitchen timer with whiteboard
  • West bend 40005x digital magnetic kitchen timer
  • eTradewinds digital kitchen timer
  • kikkerland vintage streamline kitchen timer
  • KeeQuii timer kitchen timer
  • The miracle time cube timer
  • Wrenwanw digital kitchen timer
  • OXO Good Grips Triple Timer
  • Kitchenaid digital timer

A digital kitchen timer should have abilities which will facilitate the person using them and will save from badly cooked food. Some of the qualities a kitchen timer should have are following


Taylor precision product four-event kitchen timer with whiteboard

Digital Timer

956 Reviews
$11.99 $9.89
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The digital timer presented by Taylor precision product is one of the best as it helps with all the tasks that one expects a digital kitchen timer to perform. It can multi-task and supervise more than four dishes at one time.

It is very advanced and its LCD screen is very easy to read on. One more facility that this digital kitchen timer provides is that it has a white board attached to it which helps in noting down any instructions or notes. A magnet and a stand are attached to its back which help in fixing it to our required stop. It also comes in a very affordable price.

Expert Score

  • Helps in cooking almost all dishes
  • It is very easy to operate
  • It is cheap and high quality.
  • It is not available everywhere
  • The battery life is not very impressive

Other than this Taylor precision product four-event kitchen timer with whiteboard is considered one of the best kitchen timers for home based restaurants as it helps with noting down the instructions and orders.


West bend 40005x digital magnetic kitchen timer

Magnetic Kitchen Timer

872 Reviews
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West bend 40005x digital magnetic kitchen timer is a very good kitchen timer used to cook almost every food but its specialty is that it helps in cooking food that require a very long time to cook. They are powered by AAA batteries.

This digital kitchen timer has a 100-hour capcity.it has a stand, a magnet and a hanging hole which helps in placing it according to the user’s choice. The west bend 40005x digital kitchen timer comes with a very clear and big LCD screen and the digits that appear on it are very large in size which makes them easily readable.

Expert Score

  • The use is very convenient
  • It can be used to cook dishes that take a very long time to be ready
  • They are expensive and the quality of the magnet is not good.

The west bend 40005x digital kitchen timer is very convenient in cooking large and multiple meals at a time. The alarm is very accurate and helps in cooking the perfect meal.


eTradewinds digital kitchen timer

Timer Stainless Steel

215 Reviews
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The eTradewinds digital kitchen timer has very good features. It has a very good display screen and you can look at it from a distance the time will be shown very clear. It also has a magnet attached to its back which helps in fixing it according to our will.

It has a batter and a power off button which helps us in turning it on whenever we want and has an auto power off which turns it off when we are not using it. Its life time is much longer and it is much tougher than other digital timers because it is made up of stainless steel.

Expert Score

  • It has the feature of auto shutoff which helps in saving battery.
  • It can be used to cook dishes of all types
  • They are difficult to operate.
  • The are a little expensive

the eTradewinds digital kitchen timer is one of the best kitchen timer. they help in getting rid of overcooked and under cooked food.


Kikkerland vintage streamline kitchen timer

Streamline kitchen timer

502 Reviews
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In the kikkerland vintage streamline timer you use a chrome ring to set the time, they are very light in weight and small in size which makes them much easier to carry around with us.

In order to set the alarm in kikkerland vintage streamline digital kitchen timer you will have to turn the chrome ring clockwise from one zero back to zero and then turn the chrome ring counter clockwise back to the time or the minutes you want to set the timer for. It is tough and lasts long because of the quality of stainless steel with which it is made.

Expert Score

  • They are very light in weight
  • The design is very unique and beautiful
  • It is difficult to set time on the kikkerland vintage streamline kitchen timer
  • You are not allowed to set a timer for a long time, you can only do it for one to two seconds which will not be convenient for many people.

The kikkerland vintage streamline kitchen timers are made with a very different vintage design which make them attractive and more people are interested in buying them.


KeeQuii timer kitchen timer

KeeQii Timer Kitchen Timer 60 Minute Timing

966 Reviews
$31.99 $12.99
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It is considered one of the mechanical kitchen timer that were included in the best kitchen timers. It is a little technical but easy to use. It has a knob which in order to set the time we turn the knob to 0 and turn it back just like mentioned above we can turn it back counter clockwise to the time we want to set the alarm.

The alarm sound is very high which means that it is clearly audible from a distance. This digital kitchen timer can only be attached to a metallic surface. It is made up of stainless steel which makes it tough.

Expert Score

  • Easy to use
  • Tough and strong sound of alarm
  • We cannot carry them everywhere with us
  • The digital clock timers are considered much better.

The KeeQuee kitchen timers are very good but they are a little difficult to operate. People prefer easy to use digital timers for the kitchen yet it is one of the best kitchen timer.


The miracle time cube timer

The Miracle Time Cube Timer

3 Reviews
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The miracle time cube timer is a digital timer that is not specifically made for kitchen work; it can generally be used for anything or any activity of our choice like it can be used in schools, in offices, during workouts in gyms and in homes.

The miracle cube timer has a very different and a very unique design like none other. It looks like a huge cube which has buttons on its four sides which help in setting the timer by specific minutes and seconds. But still the time durations are very limited.

Expert Score

  • Used for several activities
  • Different and unique shape and design.
  • They are portable
  • The time duration is limited to only 15 minutes
  • They are not very convenient
  • they don’t have a stand or a magnet.

The miracle time cube is very different and unique but can be used as a good kitchen timer.


Wrenwanw digital kitchen timer

Wrenwane Timer (Upgraded)

10,815 Reviews
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They are very user friendly. People are enjoying the use of wrenwanw timer as it is considered the best kitchen timer. the digit size is very large which makes them easily readable.

Setting a timer on this is not very easy everyone cannot do that. The alarm sound is also very loud. Placing it according to choose is also a facility provided by wrenwanw timer it has a stand and a magnetic back. It also has a hook that can be used to hand it if wanted. it consists of three buttons. Power off and on button is present and a time setting limit is also present up to only 100 minutes which is not enough time for cooking some dishes. This can also be used

Expert Score

  • It easy to operate as a few buttons are present
  • It is not very expensive
  • The setting time is very limited which is not very convenient


OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer,Gray

1,833 Reviews
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The OXO good grips triple timer is one of the best kitchen timer. it comes with a numerical keypad which makes it use a lot easier as compared to other digital kitchen timers. you can set up time to a very large range which is up to 100 hours.

Cooking food by using this kitchen timer is very easy as you can cook many dishes at one time and it has three distinct digital timer and different alarm sounds for every dish which makes it much more convenient. It is powered by battery; The LCD screen gives a very good and clear view of time.it is larger in size and not easy to carry around with you.

Expert Score

  • Easy to use because of numerical pad
  • Good display
  • Can cook many dishes easily at a time
  • Not portable and is heavy to carry around.

The OXO good grips triple time is unlike any other kitchen timer it is the best kitchen timer.


Kitchenaid digital timer

KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer, Red

2,006 Reviews
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The kitchenaid digital kitchen timer is very easy to use. You can set an alarm in no time just by pressing a few buttons. The view is also very clear because of the advanced LCD.

It is portable and easy to carry around. We can only set up the time for almost 10 hours. Which is normal.

Expert Score

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Limited time
  • Expensive yet reliable

The kitchen timer should be adaptable and multi skilled

The kitchen timer should have the ability to cook varied foods. and should be used to cook many dishes at a time so that if we have to prepare a number of dishes at a time, we can cook all of them perfectly. Other timers are only used for making one dish at a time. So, with a multi kitchen timer we will be able to perform multiple tasks at a time.

Stopwatch feature

 There is a stopwatch mode present in a few kitchen timers which is also helpful in cooking a few dishes sometimes.

Clock mode feature

There is a clock mode feature which is also present in some kitchen timers which help in keeping a track of time so that we cook food at time.

Convenient and easy to use

A kitchen timer should be very easy to use and not be complex meaning that multiple buttons should not be present on the kitchen timer. Direct entry kitchen timers are also very easy to use and convenient. There is a key pad present on the kitchen timer and the user can easily press the numbers and set the time.

Easy to carry and portable

Sometimes people are so busy that leave the food in the kitchen to cook and do their work and often forget about it, which unfortunately results in burning the food and other consequences etc. the kitchen trimer should be portable so that you can carry it with yourself to other rooms and when the food it cooked it will inform you and you can easily go and remove the pots from stove or turn off the oven etc. for this purpose there are clips attached to the kitchen timers by which you can attach them to your clothes.

The kitchen timer should be set able for long time

People usually come up with the issue that some dishes that require a long time to cook are not notable on the kitchen timer like meat dishes require slow cooking people prefer using a normal clock but it is very important to keep the track of time. A digital kitchen timer will allow you to set time according to your requirements like minutes, seconds and hours, whatever you want. This facility is not provided by other kitchen timers.    

Properties of kitchen timers:

 We will discuss the properties of a few digital kitchen timers mentioned above that show how they are very useful and make our lives easier.


We are giving the best kitchen timers; digital kitchen timers so that you are carefree and eat perfectly cooked food which is neither overcooked or undercooked. The money you spend on the best kitchen will be worth it will save you a lot of time and energy and give the best results. You should definitely buy it.

The reviews of people on the kitchen timers and digital kitchen timers are very good and positive. They are loving the service. Before buying a kitchen timer you should keep your needs in view and choose the one which suits you the best.

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